Private Training



Voice Faculty for the Musical Theatre Program at Texas State University and Nexus Texas State Musical Theatre Summer Intensive.

Guest Artist/Teacher

International Thespian Festival, Texas State Thespian Festival, Tennessee State Thespian Festival, and the Missouri Thespian Festival, California State Thespian Festival.


National Tour of “Saturday Night Fever” (Canada/USA)

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change - Los Angeles

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Jolene - Uptown Players Dallas

Voice Over: Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial, Loop Group Last Flag Flying

Other fun things?

Organic gardener, bee keeper, crafter


What you wish you knew vocally at 17?

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

What has been your most memorable singing moment?

The first time I worked with Michael Maresca on a song! We were on tour and had only known each other for a few weeks. He had written a song for a female voice, and asked if I would workshop it with him. I later discovered this was his very clever way of hitting on me, lol! In the song there was a high A. I immediately informed him that was a pretty high note and that I wasn’t a “mixer.” He then told me the song was a pop rock ballad, and he wanted it belted!!!! I laughed and informed him that even on my very best day my voice capped out at a F. He asked me to work with him for 15 minutes and he felt quite sure in that time I would be able to sing the A. I laughed sarcastically and accepted his challenge…. well 15 minutes later, you guessed it, I was easily singing the A and could even sustain weight higher than that! I instantly knew I would marry this man! I will never forget that moment. That vocal breakthrough made me rethink the boundaries I had imposed on myself, and suddenly my potential was limitless.

What should the world know about singing?

It’s hard work! Singers often put countless hours into making something sound effortless.

What’s your favorite One Voice theory, concept, or technique?

The Weight Theory changed everything for me! It answered questions I’d been struggling with for years, and understanding it finally put the ability to progress back in my control.

In-Person Private Sessions

Marqui exclusively delivers in-person sessions at Texas State University for the Musical Theatre Program students.